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Welcome to My World Autism provides opportunities for families who have a child on the autism spectrum a chance to participate in recreation activities, cultural activities in a non judgmental environment ¬†and also provide monthly support group meetings that offer open discussions, guest speakers and other information about autism that will better our children’s futures so together we can build their social skills, make new friends¬†and remove barriers for children on the autism spectrum.

We are always open for new members.

As parents of a son who is autistic, co-founders Livia and Stephen Arasimowicz searched for programs and support groups for their family. As a result of their search they realized there was a lack of resources available for families in a similar situation. Together, they created this organization to act as a beacon of support and insight. Welcome To My World Autism holds several events to educate and comfort families with a child on the autism spectrum.

Welcome To My World Autism Inc. was co-founded by Livia and Stephen Arasimowicz on January 15th 2010.